Could Trump be good for Rhode Island’s economy?

Originally published on Jan. 12, 2017. 

On April 25, then-presidential candidate Donald J. Trump stood before a throng of supporters at the Crowne Plaza Providence-Warwick. He smiled and nodded as the crowd chanted his name.

“We’re going to bring jobs back to the country and Rhode Island,” he yelled, eliciting a barrage of cheers.

For a Republican, Trump performed quite well in Rhode Island, a state with a strong independent presence but a General Assembly dominated by Democrats. He won the primary election here with a whopping 63.7 percent of the vote.

And while he suffered a double-digit loss in the general election, Trump realized the best results of any Republican presidential candidate since former President George H.W. Bush ran in 1988.

Trump, of course, went on to win the bruising general election, and was sworn into office Jan. 20.

As a candidate, Trump’s constantly shifting positions on many issues were often difficult to interpret. Even after his victory, his decision-making and messaging often seemed erratic and capricious.

Yet a so-called “Trump Rally” in stocks through the end of the year was a sign that for some investors at least, there’s hope the new president will usher in a new era of economic growth and prosperity.

But what will a Trump administration mean for the Ocean State?


Read the full story here at Providence Business News.


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