Hasbro: Not just a toymaker

Leaning back in his chair, surrounded by toys, newspaper clippings, memorabilia and other family keepsakes, Alan G. Hassenfeld has a playful smile on his face.

With a twinkle in his eye, he explains what the holiday season means to him:

“It’s a magical time, this time of year. If you’re in the toy business, you never grow up. You’re always 7 years old,” he said.

Hassenfeld, former chairman, president and CEO of Hasbro Inc., is today chairman of the company’s executive committee. His family founded the business in 1923 as a textile factory, making mostly pencils, school supplies and medical kits. Within a decade, however, the Hassenfelds started making toys, giving birth to one of the most successful toy companies in history, with $4.4 billion in revenue and net income of $446.9 million in 2015, and a market value, as of Dec. 16, of about $10.1 billion.

But don’t call it just a toymaker anymore.


Read the full story at Providence Business News here.


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